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05-26-2009, 11:01:23 AM
I went to the dr today. and he was happy to know I decided to change my lifestye for me and not diet. I challenge you here at HCW to change your lifestyle with me. here is week 1's challlenge:

look inside your fridge, cabinets. What is tempting you? why is it tempting you. Now I want you to change your mindset and look only at your fruits and veggies that you have.

Make a huge salad enough for the week. take 1 bowl of salad out for your meal for the day. add 3 oz of lean low sodium meat. chicken, ham, roast beef, turkey breast, or even tuna. add 2 tbs of dressing fat free or lite. choose 1 piece of fruit. chop it up inside your salad. and enjoy.

todays challenge is to overcome your desires of bad decisions. Dont put off for tomorrow , because all you will keep saying is "eh, maybe tomorrow" and it ends up never being done.

Remember to start your day with breakfest! yogart with fruit, a bowl of low sugar, low fat cereal with 2 % or skim milk with a piece of fruit is enough to make your day a whole lot easier. (I did this these past 2 weeks and lost 4 lbs! because I snacked less on junk!)

for snacks choose low fat string cheeses, fruit and veggies. try to limit carbs to 10-20 per day try to use less salt, sugar, try pepper, and lemon pepper spices from Mrs Dash. salt retains water, therefore making you bloat. you will notice a difference the first week. HTH someone as it has me.:smile: