View Full Version : Ad for 5-6 thru 5-12 NOT FULL AD

05-05-2009, 09:41:28 PM
Buy 5 save $5 on juices is back!

Reading the fine print, it states: Ocean Spray, Capri Sun, Capri Sun Roarin' Waves (does that mean no Sunrise????) Mott's, Langers, V8, V8 Fusion, Crystal Light, Propel and Gatorade Powder Mix...

Stated a couple of prices AFTER DISCOUNT:
Mott's/Capri Sun = $1.49
Ocean Spray/V8 = $1.99
V8 Fusion/Langers = $2.49

Hormel Fully Cooked Entrees BOGO @ $7.99

Kraft Mayo $2.50 use $1/1

Lucerne 18 ct eggs $1.49 with in flyer coupon

Get $5 Reward WYB any 4 of selected Ice Cream Products:

Includes Haagen Daaz, Eskimo Pie, Skinny Cow and Nestle. Just had coupons come out for those a couple weeks ago....like I need Ice Cream...

Sad week all around at every store! Hope everyone took advantage of the Living Well Promo while they could!!!

05-07-2009, 12:58:53 PM
Does anyone know the prices on the ice cream novelties?