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04-29-2009, 07:16:14 PM
SO it's a slow week at my usual haunt (Krog) and I will actually be out in Randall's Land this Friday. I don't get there often but am wondering if there are any really good deals I shouldn't miss out on. I know i'll be doing the living well which I haven't done yet using my electrasol coupons however i'm not sure what else is a really good deal for that promo.

Also I'll be getting in on the buy 2 12 packs of coke get 2 12 packs of coke free and a 24 pack of dasani.

So basically what are y'all getting this week if you are going?


04-30-2009, 08:57:09 AM
The only thing I noticed was the Mission tortialla chips are $1.88. I went to their website a few weeks ago and was able to sign up for a newsletter and you could print $1 off coupon. So, I guess I will get a bag of chips for .88 but not impressed with anything else. Slow week all around! Looks like some good stuff at CVS starting on Sunday.

04-30-2009, 12:41:41 PM
Wow! I don't agree, I just came from Tom Thumb (Randall's) and got $100 worth of groceries for $20. I got the $1 Snyder's -used $1 off coupon, Keebler $1 cookies -used $1 off two, Kellogy's Raisin Bran $1.99 -used $1 off coupon. I bought a pineapple, broccoli, grapes and pasta. I also did one Living Well deal.
I do agree that all the other stores are stow this week. I only ran into Kroger to use up the last of my Bounty Basic q's

04-30-2009, 01:06:40 PM
i'm still trying to decide what scenarios to put together with Smartbalance oil, rice cakes, cokes, oreos, maybe some kashi and some diapers. I think i have about 2 transactions left with coupons to do

05-01-2009, 05:51:27 AM
Did I miss something? Is smart balance oil on sale?

05-01-2009, 07:20:37 AM
Did I miss something? Is smart balance oil on sale?

Should be $3 and part of the LW promo. My store hasn't restocked so I haven't even seen what size it is yet.

05-01-2009, 02:24:05 PM
How much are the Coke 12 packs on the following deal?Buy 2 Coke 12pks get 2 Free plus Free Water

05-01-2009, 05:39:38 PM
They were $5.99 each. However if you have my coke rewards you can print the $1 off one 12 pack coupon and use that with it. I used 3 and there were no beeps.

Total price for 4 12 packs and 1 24 pack of water was $9 ish dollars after my qs. Or I did the deal for my MIL and used my $10 Living well q with no My coke rewards and it was I believe $2.14 OOP.


05-01-2009, 06:10:41 PM
Oh also Mission Tortillas (10 ct.) are on sale for 4/$5 on almost all the mission tortillas in the section had $.75 peelies that can be used on ANY mission tortilla product. Makes each pack of tortillas you buy $.75 (which is good cause I superdeeduperdee needed some lol)

05-01-2009, 08:27:22 PM
I did the Ozarka deal today. They only had 13 of the 6-pack of sport bottles, so I added 2 of the little 12-packs of bottles. OOP $31.XX, got $24 back in Cats.
I'm going back to do the Coke/Dasani deal (they were $5.99 at the one near me) and there's a Dasani $0.50 coupon on the back of the LW flyer (in store). Not all Coke 12-packs are included in the LW deal so I'm going to check the UPCs. I'll also get some Yoplait ($.40/6 q), Capri Sun ($1/1 q), and use my free Kashi frozen meal coupon (not sure how much those are). I may also be bad and get some Ben & Jerry's and use the $1/1 q also on the back of the LW flyer. It's a little harder for me since my store doesn't have all the little logos on the shelves, so you don't know what's included!

05-03-2009, 08:41:48 PM
Hey rswope, about the tags not being on the shelves to know what is listed...my store has tags that are white with the LW logo faintly behind the prices and my $10 still wouldn't print out 3 different times of the 5 times I did this deal. So even those don't help always! Not sure if some of the items are entered or what.

I would also watch your receipts because today I had a few things not ring up at the sale price and I had to bring it to the cashier's attention. HTH someone.

05-03-2009, 08:49:06 PM
The Kashi meals are 4.99 and the mango one is horrid!!!!

My store changed a lot of tags out also so I had a hard time trying to remember this weekend what all was included. That was really frustrating but I pushed through and did some good deals, heehee!!

05-03-2009, 09:46:28 PM
This is what I did today, trying to figure out if I will go back tomorrow or Tuesday before it is over:

Today I purchased:

2- 6 packs Ozarka Sport Bottles $1.99 each (used $1/2)
1- Sunchips Harvest Cheddar $1.99 (with store coupon)
3- Quaker Quakes Cheddar $1.00 (used $1/1)
2- Pringles Stix $1.79 (used $1/1 from home mailer and eSaver on card $0.50/1)
2- No Yolks Noodles $1.50 each (used $0.75/1)
3- Capri Suns Sunrise $1.99 (used $1/1 and store coupon for $0.50/1)
1- Finish Powerball $3.99 (used $2.50/1)
1- California Pizza Kitchen $5.99 (used $2/1)

Total before coupons: $31.50
Coupons used: <$16>
Total After: $15.50

Then received $10 Living Well to use on next purchase and a $2 off next purchase for buying the Ozarka...

Now the above scenerio is just the Living Well Promo items...this was the rest of my receipt:

4- Coke Zero 12 pks Buy 2 @ $5.99 get 2 free (used $2/3)
1- Dasani 24 pack $6.49 (paid $0 for buying 4 Cokes)
1- McCormick Grillmates $0.99 (used $0.50/1)
1- Honey $2.50
1- Monster Khaos 4 pk $4.99 (used $1/1 peelie found at Kroger)
1- Whole Milk Gallon $1.99
1- Bertolli Bakes $6.99 (used store coupon $1/1 and printable $2/1)
1- Corn Dogs 16 pk $4.99
1- Tom Thumb Reusable Bag $1.99 (Free after store coupon)
1- Remarkable Bread $1.19
1- Hot dog buns $1
1- Hamburger buns $1
2- Tyson Chicken Nuggets BOGO @ $7.99 each (used $1/1)
1- Red Grapes $0.98/lb $2.26

Also had one $10 Living Well coupon to use as well as a $10/$50 purchase coupon to use as well.

Total before discounts and coupons: $143.30
Total after: $35.93
Savings % = 75%

Happy with that considering I am not home in the evenings to cook dinner so had to get things that are easy for the boys to make on their own! LOL

Hope everyone is making out well with this promo!


Couple of noteworthy items as I walked through the cleaning isle:

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers 2/$6 and we had BOGO coupons come out this weekend.

Lysol Wipes are 2/$5 and we have $1/1 making them $1.50 each

Previously, I had purchased the Clorox Bleach (2 bottles at $1.79 each) and then used my printable to get the Free Wipes that were also included in the promo. Coupon did not stipulate a size restriction so I was able to get the 75ct that was included with the promo and added $4.49 to get me to the $30 benchmark.

That run was:

Huggies $19.99 (used $1.50/1)
Good Life Cat Food $4.49 (used $2/1)
Clorox Bleach $1.79 x 2 (used $0.50/2)
Clorox Wipes $4.49 (used FREE WYB 2 Clorox products)
Also used previous $10 LW CAT

Total before: $32.55
After discounts and coupons: $18.88

No problems with any of my scenerios getting the Living Well CAT to print!


05-05-2009, 07:15:50 AM
Do the prices before the store Q count towards the LW totals (like for Capri sun...does it count the $1.99 or the $1.49 if you use the $0.50 Q)? TY =)

05-05-2009, 09:10:17 AM
Yes, the total before the store coupon has counted for me.