View Full Version : PG eSaver @ Randalls

03-24-2009, 07:34:38 AM
does this work the same there as Kroger?
I got the gillette shampoo because there is a $2 Es coupon and because I had a coupon for a free bottle. this would give me $2 overage for other things.
they were marked 5.49 on the shelf with no sale.
at the register it rang up 3.49.
I did not see a $2 es coupon anywhere on the receipt, like at Kroger where it's deducted in the line under the product. So was it on sale because of the store (even though they had no signs) or did the $2 pg es automatically come off and make the shampoo 3.49? I know clear as mud..huh.

Just trying to figure it out and see if I need to email PG about it.

03-24-2009, 09:14:21 PM
I had the same problem last week. The esaver coupon wasn't deducted. When I do this at Kroger, it comes off, and shows on the receipt. Not sure what is going on.

03-25-2009, 02:06:25 PM
You can't use a paper coupon and esaver coupon at Randall's. Oddly, when they hit total esaver will come off but once you scan coupon, it adds the esaver back.

03-25-2009, 07:49:40 PM
The PGeSaver coupon will be automatically deducted from the purchase price, but it won't show Pgesaver on the receipt like Kroger does. Like you said, the price is 5.49 on shell, but on your receipt it said 3.49, it already deducted that $2 off from Pgesaver.