View Full Version : 4/$7.99 Coke Deal--Did this happen to anyone else???

01-30-2009, 10:30:19 PM
This was in Keller, TX on 1709...

I went early this morning 7:30am before work to get my Coke's 4/$7.99..

What happened when I got to the cashier though is the store coupon was ringing up wrong! IN MY FAVOR!!!

This is what happened as they all rang up at the weirdest prices and then we scanned the coupon....and yes we scanned my card first before we started....

First trans:

1 Cherry Coke @ $5.99 (weird)
1 Cherry Coke Zero @ $2.67 (which should have been the sale price)
1 Big Red @ $2.67
1 Big Red @ $2.66
= $13.99

Scan store coupon----takes off $9.32!!!! HUH???

Use 2-$1/1 Coke 12 pack
and 2-$1/1 Big Red 12 pack

TOTAL OOP: $0.73!!!!!!!!! :hysterical: savings of 97%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luckily I had a few more coupons on me even though I did not bring my binder with me as I was heading to work...

2nd Trans:

1 Cherry Coke @ $2.67
1 Cherry Coke @ $2.66
2 Big Red @ $5.99 each

Store coupon scans---takes off $12.64!!!!!

Used same coupons as above and paid AGAIN

TOTAL OOP: $0.73!!!!!!!!! :hysterical: savings of 97%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please keep in mind, the only change I made in the second transaction was that I bought 2 reg Cherry Cokes instead of one as a Cherry Coke Zero!!! Don't ask me why the dramatic price difference! But hey I won't complain when hubby drinks this like it is water!!!

I doubt it is still working now, but I may try again here in Keller this weekend! Hee! Hee!

01-31-2009, 12:13:06 PM
LOL I'm about to go stock up and would love it that happened. How strange.

01-31-2009, 08:46:14 PM
This deal is actually taking place tomorrow 2/1/09 starting from 8am-8pm. I'm in Keller too! I got this circular from the Keller paper advertising deals that are going on this Sunday and Monday only. There is also a $10 off $50.00 coup and much much more. It's Tom Thumb here though.

Oh hi Samantha!:wavehi: Can't wait to meet you!

01-31-2009, 09:15:26 PM
Ok I went to my Randall's today in Conroe and on our paper it was for a 72 hour sale - Friday, Saturday, and Sunday so it worked out here. no inky prices oro anything but for it would not take my coupons at the register. The cashier said that "the coupon was more than the 12 pack cost" which it was only $1/1 and the 12 pack after store Q was $2.66. I just took the coupons to customer service and she was more than happy to refund me the amount of the coupons! YAY!

Strivingmom- I noticed the coupon for $10/$50 in my newspaper I bought at the store ( as this randall is not close so I do not get there ad in the mail) but only after I left and dug through the paper for coupons. Double darn. Thanks for pointing it out for others so that they can take advantage!!

02-01-2009, 08:49:25 PM
Hey Striving mom! LOL

I had to settle for paying $4 for 4-12packs today...sad I know! :giggle2:

Today I bought 4 12pks of Sunkist from those peelies that were out a while back. They expire 2-28-09

I went and used my $10/$50 today! I also got the peaches that Zoey's mom had pointed out for $0.10 a jar! Thanks Zoey's mom!

Saved 71% today and also lucked out on getting the free pizza for spending $25. I went at about 3 pm and they only had a few pizzas left! It was crazy in there! I have never seen Tom Thumb so busy!

I am pretty sure everyone else knew but the new Softsoap coupons came out today so use them at Tom Thumb to get your free soap.

Also, the Halls cough drops are $1 and we have $0.50/1 which makes them free.

I would have done multiple transactions but it was just too crazy in there!

I'll go back before the sale ends on Tuesday.

Hope everyone has a great February!!!

02-11-2009, 03:58:25 PM
Yes, that very same thing happened to me on my second transaction. It was a great deal with all my $1 of any 12 pack but then oddly I ended up paying $.73. The cashier and I both looked at one another and he said "don't make me fix it". So I didn't :0