View Full Version : Gorton's Seafood Limitless Coupons

01-11-2009, 08:36:33 PM
***I posted this in the Safeway forum but thought I would ask here as well!!!***

...so there are two STORE coupons out there...

...one is for $3.49 up to 24.5 oz that expires today...

...the other is for $2.49 up to 11ozs that expires Tuesday...

I looked at my receipt and this is how they rang up:

Valu Pack fish sticks (44 pk) --------$1.49!!!!!!
Reg price: $7.99 Saved: 6.50

18 ct Breaded fish sticks------------$2.49
Reg price $5.99 Saved $3.50

I had to do a double take on my receipt since had I known that, I would have grabbed ALOT more of the 44pks at that price!!!! I wish that coupon did not expire today...sad...:sad:

Just wondering if anyone else had that happen! I won't complain about paying two dollars less than the coupon stated but WOW!

This was at the Tom Thumb in Keller, TX on 1709