View Full Version : Randall's Double Q Policy?

01-04-2009, 03:35:06 PM
Does anyone know how many like Q's will Randall's double per transaction. I want to go get the Sobe Life water that's on sale for a $1.00. I have .50/1 Q's which doubled will make them free. If they only double a one or a few like Q's, can I do seperate transactions back to back without any hassles?

01-04-2009, 03:48:53 PM
one like

depends on store for multiple transactions

01-05-2009, 07:53:57 AM
My store will do the first one for douple and the rest will be .50 cents. If you do them on a different transaction then they will all be doubled.
They get me when they have soap on sale and the coupon is the same, I have to do it on second transation.

01-05-2009, 01:24:19 PM
Thanks for the info. I went last night, I had 5 coupons and did five different transactions. They didn't like it very much but still did it.