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12-23-2008, 11:04:00 AM
I have a few resolutions I need help in:

#1 reading coupons more thourougly so that I do NOT use them improperly.

#2 Lose 20 lbs

#3 Quit smoking (started chantix today!!!)

#4 get personal and family finances in order

#5 make a spending limit for a family of 7

#6 set a spending limit on groceries per week

#7 make bills and personal finances lower

12-23-2008, 01:15:21 PM
That's a tough list, but I'm sure you can do it. Good luck and you've got all of our support here at hcw!

12-23-2008, 01:17:03 PM
Oh yeah! You can totally do it. I have faith in you. What can I do to help? PM me, I'm happy to even just listen if you want to ramble some ideas :) That's how I think things through lol!!!

12-23-2008, 01:21:40 PM
for the smoking, I have heard good things about Chantix and for me when I quit (cold turkey, no drugs or nicotine subs) I spent about 5 days saying when I went for one (my husband was smoking so they were still in the house) "hmmm...I think I'll see if I can skip this one and see about having one later" after about a week I didn't need to do it all day long. just skipping one at a time and not really comitting to quitting forever, just for that one cigarette was the key.

12-24-2008, 09:09:24 PM
Wow, that is a wonderful list! Please keep posting on your progress thru the year!

12-24-2008, 09:31:01 PM
day 2 on chantix .. im making some progress Ive had the same pk of smokes for 3 days, I used to smoke 1/2 a pk to a whole pack a day Ive noticed they started tasting funny and can't finish a whole smoke in one sitting .. also my DH started Chantix today, he usually smokes a carton a wk..! thank you all for being so supportive.

as for finances..
I got my car paid off in full it is now mine!! as of 2 wks ago. I was paying $112-$130 per week going through Alexanders Auto it was a pin in the butt, but finally something I have that is mine that I paid for. now I will have an extra $100 + bucks per wk. I really dont know how I could have saved so much money for groceries, and everything else without all of you guys here teaching me right from wrong lol

weight loss...

I need to get my butt kicked all I crave is sweets and salty foods. When I went to the drs on monday I was 160 lbs *GasP!* I was so sad that I gained from 4-5 months ago 15 lbs! wth I thought to myself. So I am adopting the South Beach Diet and I bought myself some Biggest Loser dvd workouts I am prepared. This I think will be the new me. Non smoking, loving mother of 5 with a heathful attitude in life with my head up high and pockets full of cash. I want to be around for my kids, so I think this will be a huge change for me lifestyle wise. I am going to dedicate 1 hr of each day to myself for workouts.

as for coupons.
I read more and more now before I use them I also contact companies to make sure they are aware of certain coupons that are out that seem fake to make sure they are valid.

12-24-2008, 10:36:45 PM
These are excellent goals. Congrats on the quitting smoking goal and glad your husband is also looking to quit as well. It is harder for a person to be successful at this when another person in the household continues to smoke. I do caution you to monitor each other while on the Chantix. There have been several people who have had psychological side effects on the medication. Not saying that either one of you will but, it is a good idea to discuss and let each other know if they see any personality changes in the other. With that being said , I know several people who are currently on the medication without any side effects other than nausea when they first started taking the medication. Our workplace just recently went to a smoke free campus.

Great time to get started working on the finances. Soon it will be a new year and so much can be accomplished in this area for most everyone. There are several people on this board that have tons of great advice on how to manage and get ahead. I have greatly benefited from the advice here.

Good luck on the weight loss!!!

I would caution you to start out a little more slowly. You are putting a lot on your plate with stopping smoking, dieting and exercising for one hour per day. You don't want to burn yourself out quickly.

You can do it!!!Keep us posted on how things are going.

12-25-2008, 08:42:51 AM
You've set yourself some major goals and a total overhaul. Make plans to succeed. Steps or recognizing milestones will reinforce your progress.

On the goal to work out, I find it helps to make a mark on the calendar each time I exercise and enjoy seeing how many marks I can achieve. Multi-tasking helps, like watching my taped soaps while on the treadmill.

If you're paying down debt, chart your progress. Have a credit card cutting ceremony each time you pay one off. (The biggest part of this achievement is to stop spending what you don't have and doing without, whatever sacrifices those might be, to devote resources to pay for past overindulgences.) Financial stability is a gift to you (and your family) for a more secure future.

12-25-2008, 09:15:43 AM
Great list but like was mentioned before, be careful not to try to change too many things at once. You don't want to stress yourself out with too many things to do or not do all at once. IMO the stop smoking is the most important. It will improve your health (thus cut down on Dr. bills) plus you will have all the money you are now spending on smokes! Which is a lot if you sit down and honestly figure it out. I was shocked when I saw on paper how much I was spending! (I quit 15 months ago) Best of luck on all your resolutions!! You just have to get into the right mindset and expect setbacks because they WILL happen, but don't let that cause you to give up. Just dust yourself off and go right back at it!

12-25-2008, 10:33:46 AM
I am definitely there with ya on the weight loss...I'm in the middle of doing Weight Watchers and need to get my butt in gear!!! I want to be 40 and looking good in June!! That is my major goal for 2009!!

12-25-2008, 07:18:47 PM
Day 3 on chantix total : only 7 smokes all day long. to be honest they are starting to taste rather nasty, stale ish . Im so used to smoking so much more I am rather proud of myself and discoved today that I am worth everything I can accomplish and this will be a feat all on its own.

12-25-2008, 09:38:37 PM
WTG on the seven smokes all day!!!!

12-28-2008, 11:35:10 AM
down to 4/5 smokes a day. there getting pretty nasty tasting and can only really tolerate half of a smoke at a time.

as for finances.. my stockpile is a bit complete. would like more of a meat selection but it will do for now. No need to buy groceries for 1-2 months at least if not longer. milk would go on my wic and bread would be $1/week but have a few in the freezer.

so next week I can get a green dot card from walmart and pay off my HnR block loan and that will be out of the way and done. I already pd car insuance and paid about $7 extra just to make next months bill a little cheaper.

rent will be due the following wk and has gone up $10 more *ugh* thank god for Q's for other stuff to get cheap and free.

then cable bill which i may change from Direct TV which is $73.month to something a little cheaper.

as for the diet.

I am prepared. I bought some slimfast, some southbeach diet bars, fresh veggies, frozen steamers, chicken, I am ready, as for exercises im not ready ROFL

12-28-2008, 12:36:50 PM

12-30-2008, 09:46:18 AM
stated the 1 mg packs today ..also yesterday I changed my eating habits. and today I stuck to it as well. as for Exercising does cleaning count? lol I cleaned my kitchen for about an hr did dishes counters, reorganized shelves, and swept the floor and mop'd the floor by HAND! yep its the only way I wash my kitchen floor lol I feel it gets much cleaner I guess if im closer to see the dirt. LOL

Yesterdays meal plan 1000-1200 cal diet plan approved by dr

1 slimfast shake (vanilla 180 cal)
1/2 C fat free sugar free yogurt w/2 tsp cocoa powder (75 cal)
1- c coffee w/splenda and fat free milk (25 cal)

total 280

lunch: Omelette
1/2 c Egg beaters (50 cal)
2 Pcs canadian Ham chopped up (70 cal)
1/3 c Part skim shred. moz. cheese (35 cal)
1 large glass water (0 cal)

total 155

1- 100 cal SBDiet bar peanut butter
1- large glass water/bottle (0 calories)
total 100

supper :
1 cup romaine -(10 cal)
6 cherry tomatos (25 cal)
1/2 cucumber chopped (50 cal)
2- pcs canadian Ham chopped into tiny pieces (70 cal)
1/3 c shed Moz park skim cheese ( 70)
1- diet pepsi(can) (0 calories)

total 225

1- 100 cal SBDiet peanutbutter bar
1- bottle water (0 cal)

1 blue bunny personal lite ice cream 220( should not have eaten)

total for the day: 1080

12-31-2008, 12:25:25 PM
Thats Great! I used the Quitnet.com site for help to quit smoking and I got really sick when I quit and ended up losing about 30 lbs in a month without trying. but alas, I have gained it all back now. :( So I have to cut back on my food intake too. Best of luck to you. I will enjoy reading your progress and who knows it may even get me off my behind to work a little harder!

12-31-2008, 12:29:26 PM
OP it sounds like you are doing so well! Congrats!

01-12-2009, 07:20:04 AM
WOO HOO!!!! You are doing great. Any new updates? keep up the good work and yes cleaning counts towards exercise.

01-12-2009, 07:40:15 AM
This past weekend I kept forgetting to take the 2nd pill at night. So ended up smoking a little more but I found that If I only out a few cigs like 4/5 in an empty pack that is my limit.

Diet wise.. all I can say is (OMG I ate what this weekend?lol) I did do good all week weighed myself last week I was 169. Weighed myself friday I was 163.5?? LOL then AF came and suprised me. ate good all week stuck to the diet, I went to Giant lastnight and bought alot of fresh fruit and veggies. for this week. to stay on track a little better. I probably gained all that weight back due to snacking this weekend. Baby has been waking up at 5am so that dont help. not alot of sleep when you work til midnight and cant fall asleep till about 1 or 2 am.

financially. I spent way too much this past week but did good I think.

store #1 spent $25 but saved $70
store #2 spend $28 but saved $80
store #3 spend $35 but saved $50

bought alot of meat and with PA never getting wine tags I guess I did AOK. :) esp since store #3 has the Buy 5 packs of meat for $20 every week. That was why it was so costly. But I got a 2pack of steaks, a 10 pack of chicken patties, 50 ct pack chicken nuggets, 10 pack porkchops, and a 5lb pkg of ground beef

01-12-2009, 07:44:42 AM
Exercise wise: for right now I keep a list of cleaning I do daily. Just to get me going. Like this:


Living room:
vaccum floor (under furniture too)
pick up toys
fold blankets

laundry (wash, dry, fold)
vaccum hall