View Full Version : Free Cookware Points???

12-18-2008, 12:17:38 PM
I noticed at the bottom of my Randalls receipt that there is a little paragraph that says I have earned 38 cookware points towards free cookware. It says to see the store for details. I didn't notice anything while shopping, but of course I didn't know to be looking for something at that time! Anyone know what this is??? Is it a good deal, or something where you have to accumulate like a million points or something? Thanks in advance.

12-18-2008, 06:12:55 PM
This is a great deal. You should look for a display with pots and pans on it and there is a brochure telling you how many points you need for each item. At my store it is displayed on an endcap at the back of the store. Points accumulate until you use them, and then start all over again. I believe you need a minimum of 40 points to get one of them and there are various amounts of points for larger items. I got a flat pan with raised lines (kind of like a grilling pan) for 60 points and I have accumulated almost 40 more. When you have enough points for the one you want just put it in your cart and take it to the checkout. Make sure they scan your card first and then scan the item and it will ring up for $0.00. I don't know how they determine how many points you get but it did not take me long to get the 60 and it has not taken long to accumulate another 40.

12-20-2008, 08:09:11 AM
Yes, this is a great deal, especially as it runs alongside the petrol points scheme, and the current promotion where you get extra points for buying giftcards. As well as shopping instore I get cards for Starbucks, Subway and AMC Cinemas and that gives me extra points for both cookware and petrol.

I've got two large saucepans and a large frying pan so far (a very nice one with a rounded bottom and a lid that is great for cooking curries, stews, etc as it doesn't stick), just need a couple more points for another pan.

It finishes on December 31st so I plan to do a few big shops to get a fifth pan before the deal ends.

12-22-2008, 08:23:50 PM
You accumulate 1 cookware point for every $10 you spend. I've got about 51 points right now, but what I really need is the dutch oven, which is 70 points. So I'd have to spend $190 in the next nine days -- probably not going to happen. I may just have to take whatever I can get with the points I have. But I found out about this late in the game. If they start over on Jan. 1, then I can try for the dutch oven!