View Full Version : Instant Oatmeal coupon - updated

11-10-2008, 12:21:32 PM
There are sever oatmeal coupons in Sunday's paper. (forgive me I don't remember if it was rp or ss) for 1.00 off. Randalls had the oatmeal for 1.57 so .57 cents for a box of instant seems to be a deal I believe the coupon it was for the high fiber ones. I am going back tomorrow to get them.

It must had been a Sat-Sun deal because I just got back from there and it is up to 2.99 now. I wished I would had gone back last night but DH had dinner waiting on me when I got off at 11:30 pm.

11-12-2008, 08:12:42 AM
Yes, this was part of the 48-hour deal.

Isn't Randall's part of the Safeway chain? Cuz SW shoppers were all over this deal back when the weekly ad came out, and made out like bandits all last weekend.