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05-05-2008, 10:38:00 AM
Hello ladies! :wavehi:

I hope everyone is well and sticking to their routines (as much as possible). I would like to throw another challenge out there, that has helped me in the past and I hope will help me again as well as all of you.

For lack of a better word, I'll call it replace or delete lol.

Basically the challenge is to either replace or delete one item from your diet. A little over a year ago I "deleted" sugar from my coffee. Doesn't seem like a big thing, but I used to use 2 tsp's every cup I drank, and trust me it was a lot of cups lol.

An easy thing to do is to replace one higher calorie drink a day with water or another no/low calorie beverage.

Remember the small things really do make a difference.

Think of it this way. If you are a big soda drinker, and you replace even just glass - say 8 oz, you would save 672 calories in a week! In a year that's a savings of 34,944 calories wow! - Almost 10 pounds lost in a year just for that 1 glass a day.
Even switching to diet would be great too, even if its just 1 glass that's replaced.

So lets see what we can replace or delete from our diets.:BigHand:

05-06-2008, 10:17:48 AM
Back in January, when i decided to get serious about changing my eating habits and trying to eat healthier, i started just by replacing two things in my household (sodas and sugar). As time has progressed, so have my replacements. At first, none seemed like major stuff... but combined, they have added up to at least some weight loss each and every week (except for one week where i was overtaken by a wild cherry m&m eating craze! Lol).

Basically, I started by replacing sodas with diet sodas back in January. I also started getting Crystal Light for lemonades/teas and such instead of the full sugar versions. On occassion, I buy Jones soda or go to the local Mexican grocery and buy a "real" coke as a treat--made with pure cane sugar rather than high fructose. This is the rare occasion, but Oh SO worth it!~ Eventually, i would like to replace all these sucralose drinks with Splenda drinks... just trying to do a little bit at a time for now tho.

I also replaced all sugar in the house with splenda or splenda sugar blend. I don't really drink anything with sugar (except for the occasional treat as stated above), but my partner replaced his usual coffee sugar with Splenda. I also use splenda in any recipes that call for sugar--mostly marinades/vinagrettes, as i don't really bake much of anything.

On occasion i do bake up a box of muffins, but I replace vegetable oil with mashed banana and applesauce and replace the whole eggs with egg whites (betterneggs, egg beaters--that sort of thing). i have to admit, the muffins aren't near as fluffy and tasty, but i will figure out a better recipe eventually:-) And they do in a pinch for now.

Around February, I replaced all oil with extra virgin olive oil, and bake stuff instead of frying.. i tend to set the house on fire when i try to fry stuff, so probably a relief to the fire department on that one.:biggrin:

In March, I replaced all breads/grains/cereals with whole grain versions. I just buy light whole grain bread or double fiber bread instead of plain old white/wheat (trying to increase my fiber intake). I would like to eventually make my own bread and pasta and such... but my first batch of bread was a disaster... so gonna wait to try again until i get a bread machine for Christmas... lol (can you say Brick!!!)

In April, I replaced all my one gallon milk jugs with a half gallon organic skim milk and half gallon light chocolate soy milk... The organic skim milk which tastes SOOOO much better than regular milk (tastes more like 2% to me) and lasts quite a bit longer in the fridge. The Light chocolate Soy milk is a great treat for my kid since she loves chocolate milk. And including soy in our diet is a real plus:-) Not to mention, it makes eating cereal a treat! lol

My goal is to eventually go as whole and organic as humanly and monetarily possible. I would like to eventually have our household eat only whole foods... nothing processed.

Replacing all dairy with organic dairy is my first step in "going organic". Just gotta figure out how to get the rest of the organic dairy costs down... Organic am cheese is 2/$7 around here when on sale, which i feel is a bit excessive. Hoping once my stockpile is better supplied, i will be able to "splurge" on organic much more... and may even hit the Whole Foods thread here then:-)

Anyway, i just think your idea is a grand one. Simple replacements really do make such a difference! I just started with the sodas and sugar and worked my way up slowly from there... trying to make one small change during the course of a month.

I still have to figure out a replacement for this month tho. Any suggestions?

05-06-2008, 10:33:44 AM
:biggrin:Wow Amazing job!!! You are the picture of replacing lol. Pretty soon all you will have left to replace is your clothes for all the weight thats coming off

05-07-2008, 02:35:48 PM
LOL... I wish! At a pound a week, it will take me a year to get to my goal weight... But maybe doing it this slow i will at least keep it off:-)

I still have to think of something to replace this month... hmmmm

05-07-2008, 03:42:35 PM
LOL... I wish! At a pound a week, it will take me a year to get to my goal weight... But maybe doing it this slow i will at least keep it off:-)

One thing that I have found helpful is to construct things to help me visualize the amount of weight lost. The number on the scale just doesn't always keep a person motivated, especially if it's changing slowly. Some examples:

One pound of body fat is approximately the same volume as a grapefruit (4-inch diameter). You can put up a picture of a tree, and each time you lose a pound, you glue on another picture of a grapefruit. Could also be done in felt so you get a tactile component as well.

You can buy a bunch of 4-inch diameter foam balls. Put one in a box every time you lose a pound. When you need motivation, go look in your box. 3-inch cubes give you almost the same volume, but since they pack so well, they don't necessarily look as impressive in the box.

Four pounds of body fat are approximately the same volume as a 2-liter bottle. Every time you hit another four pounds, you can pull out a 2-liter and just stare at it in awe. If you have multiple 2-liter bottles available, you can start building a tower of them.

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06-17-2008, 11:06:29 AM
Okay, I've put if off long enough :rolleyes24: I would like to accept this challenge as well. As of today, I am replacing my sodas with water.

06-17-2008, 11:09:22 AM
Okay, I've put if off long enough :rolleyes24: I would like to accept this challenge as well. As of today, I am replacing my sodas with water.

LOL yay for you! between that and all your walks I wish I lived closer to ya you could kick my butt into gear:biggrin: