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  1. Rules RULES: Trading Forums: - MUST READ- Use enclosed form to begin trading.
  2. FAQ *:.-::- TRADING FAQ's *:.-::- Please Start Here. Most trading questions answered in this thread.
  3. Poll: Are you offended if someone re-trades something you sent them?
  4. POLL: Should you post in your thread that you are holding out for the best offer?
  5. How do you organize trades?
  6. Reminder An Itrader feedback score does not mean the member is a trading member.
  7. Tips Mail-In-Rebates? (MIR's)
  8. ~~** Lots of GREAT couponing tips from the HCW mods!** ~~
  9. *** Database Trading Tips *** do not delete items mid trade, how to add items, YES you can include what stores you shop and other important notes. Do not forget to click "update post"
  10. Why would someone want to trade for EXP Q's
  11. taping your envelopes (trains/trades)
  12. How does Paypal work?
  13. Extras or no extras?
  14. Please note new rule RE internet printed coupons and electronic delivery. UPDATED 5/11/09
  15. ** Read regarding how paypals new rules, put into effect 6/3/09 affect trading here at HCW Updated 6/11/09. fees can be shared or passed on to buyers if disclosed
  16. "Junk" coupons defined?
  17. So When you make your first trade with
  18. Question about trade value of a "free"
  19. Can I Trade my Gymbucks? short answer is YES, the online code that does not require a receipt.
  20. FAQ What to do if someone says they did not receive your end of a trade & who to tell when you do resend
  21. Can someone explain PayPal?
  22. Have a question about trade slips. where to find, how to make.
  23. Question on when I can trade this? I get RP inserts on Tuesday in the mail.
  24. Important I have a challenge for all traders today :) RE: bad traders
  25. A HUGE "thanks" to the TNT Trainers!!!!!!!
  26. Attention ~ Very important reminder to our traders ~ Please hold your ends when trading with unestablished traders
  27. Important Trading Old Navy Printables from Facebook
  28. Memo Meet the trade forum Moderators, & who to contact with questions
  29. Update to Rules on Trade Post Bumping
  30. trading gift cards?
  31. Send paypal without credit card?
  32. Question on Face Value of coupons
  33. So, tell me, on HCW is it typical to make offers....
  34. Memo Auctions: A few great changes in the forum
  35. What are they worth? ~ ~ Coke codes
  36. Value of coke codes and cig coupons
  37. Where do you get NBPN
  38. Rain Checks
  39. Editing a Database Entry
  40. Question about storing coupons for trade
  41. Change in the date you can post inserts for the upcoming weekend. Day has changed from Thursday to Wednesday
  42. Box Tops for Education
  43. Coupon Trade Tracking Form for Word Users (Letter Sized)
  44. Trade Etiquette?!?! How long to hold a Q?
  45. WHo does this?
  46. what ways do you as a coupon trade sender, determine the trade value per coupon?
  47. Holding a trade
  48. Coke Codes
  49. Etiquette for waiting for a reply
  50. Value of Coke Reward Points in a Trade
  51. No post office = no coupon trading... Right?
  52. Trading BTFE
  53. How come some many "good" traders go bad?
  54. coupon trading fees ?
  55. Please Explain Coupon Trains
  56. Bingo and Trains
  57. What are Formula Checks?
  58. How long to wait for someone to PM me their address?
  59. trading Box Tops For Education, coke codes, forever stamps, et al. - WHAT ARE THEY WORTH? WHAT MAKES A FAIR TRADE???
  60. Feedback Etiquette...What is yours?
  61. TNT's, you will be asked to mail your end first
  62. Mail Speed?
  63. Is asking 10% of coupon value too much?
  64. Trading frees for rebate forms
  65. Question about paypal
  66. Question about codes
  67. initiating trades through the database
  68. Which do you prefer: Trade Chains or Trains?
  69. How do you feel about sending IP in envies??
  70. Feedback Question
  71. feedback issues & sending reminder pms??
  72. Do you have a preference for iTrader feedback?
  73. Wish list frustrations...
  74. HOW often do you update you WL or Have List?
  75. pp sent regular with fees instead of gift
  76. Labeling Envies - What do you think?
  77. Please include your username on your envelope when sending out a trade
  78. Do buyers typically not receive feedback?
  79. TRading RainChecks?
  80. Hi, I am interested in the trading forum
  81. Question regarding leaving feedback
  82. interested in trading
  83. Anonymous WL envie found in my mailbox
  84. Loyal to specific traders?
  85. help!
  86. Paypal question
  87. wanting to purchase coupons
  88. Tips on maintaining an updated Have List
  89. Looking for an auction here
  90. Hot Coupon World Trading Newsletter Holiday Edition "forum copy"
  91. What would you do in this trade situation?
  92. someone please help me find the form
  93. Formula checks question
  94. Trading?
  95. Question about soon to be expired coupons
  96. trading for Paypal questions
  97. Can anyone help me find the rules on trading IPs, if there's a limit?
  98. newbie question trains
  99. Trade value? of coke codes
  100. Need answere - More restrictions on insert coupons - What is that doing to trading coupons here?????
  101. rebates & coupons
  102. Help
  103. Feedback question.....
  104. What's the "going rate" on coupons?
  105. coupon trading
  106. trading questions
  107. Question on trading codes
  108. Question about sending coupons in an envie
  109. looking to trade
  110. My Apologies
  111. Looking for a coupon train
  112. TNT?
  113. Trade Holds
  114. DONE - How to be able to trade?
  115. boat loads of question
  116. How do I edit feedback?
  117. A reminder to all trading members, addresses given to you for trades are PRIVATE and unsolicited mail is not ok...
  118. Selling Coupons?
  119. trading ?
  120. Becoming a "trader"?
  121. What is allowed re: My Coke Rewards Trades?
  122. I am looking for a trader That I use to trade with.
  123. No Mail on Monday, Oct 13
  124. QUESTION: Why is something I posted an hour and a half ago no longer visible in NEW POSTS??
  125. Unable to Edit Coupon Wishlist??