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This this the Albertsons Intermountain Coupon Policy. Albertsons stores, as a rule do not have an official coupon policy posted online. We encourage you to speak to your local store manager to find out their individual coupon policy. Below is a basic guideline however on what types of coupons Albertsons accepts.

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Coupons Accepted

  • Manufacturer’s coupons (including legitimate printable coupons)
  • Store Coupons
    • In most cases you can stack a Albertsons store coupon with a manufactures coupon on the same item, unless either coupon expressly prohibits this.
  • eCoupons
    • Albertsons does not currently have their own eCoupons however there are third party eCoupons such as SavingStar, Upromise & Cell Fire which are valid at Albertsons.

Coupons NOT Accepted

  • Fake or fraudulent coupons
  • Competitor store coupons
  • Free item printable coupons
    • All printable coupons must require a purchase. Buy one get one free printable coupons are accepted. Just not totally free coupons, these coupons are rare and thus are often fraudulent.

Other Coupon/Sale Policies to note

  • Multi Item Pricing Sales - (ie 10 for $10, 2 for $5, 3 for $7, etc) you do NOT need to buy in quantities listed unless the sale ad states that you do. For example a 10 for $10 sale…you can buy 1 or 24 or anything in between and the price is just $1 per item.
  • Buy One Get One Free Sales - Albertsons rings up B1G1 sales as each item is priced at 1/2 off. Thus you are allowed to use 1 coupon per item in a B1G1 free sale.
  • Twice the Value Special Events – From time to time Albertsons runs a special coupon event called “Twice the Value” (TTV for short) where there will be 2-4 Twice the Value coupons in the sale flyer that you will need to clip out to redeem. These coupons will double the value of your manufacture’s coupons. These are rare events however and not a regular feature at Albertsons and often the coupons have various restrictions on how many TTV coupons you are allowed to use.
  • Coupon Roundup Events – Every so often Albertsons will run a Coupon Roundup event where all coupons valued between 25¢ and 99¢ are rounded up to $1.00 in value. These events are rare.


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Our Albertsons Intermountain forum is where you will find the latest deal discussions and where you can share deals you are spotting. This is the place to look for clearance deals, unadvertised deals, deals of the day and other special promotions. Our Albertsons Intermountain forum is also where you can ask questions and get feedback from other Albertsons Intermountain shoppers as well as post your shopping brags![divider top="0"]

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