Collections App For Kindle Fire/Fire HD/Fire 8.9: $2.99 – Sort Your Books – A MUST Have!


I wish I’d had this before I had over 1600 Kindle books, but I have it now and it’s a fantastic app! If you’re getting a lot of the free Kindle books we’re offering, get this app and start categorizing your books NOW before they get out of hand. It makes it so easy to find the book you’re looking for! As far as I’m concerned, this app is worth far more than the $2.99 it costs!

Expand the capabilities of your Kindle Fire by organizing your books into your own unique / user-defined categories such as mysteries, thrillers, science fiction, and more: you define the categories. Gone are the days of endlessly searching the book carousel on the Kindle Fire for the next book you want to read – if you’re looking for a particular genre, category, or author (just to name a few) you can quickly get to the book and start reading vs. wasting time on an endless search!

There’s no tutorial available, but it’s intuitively easy to use. After you open the app, click on a book for editing options and to add categories. Click on the menu button on your Kindle for more options.

Below are links to the 3 available versions. Note: Some of the older reviews report problems with crashing, but newer versions with bug fixes have been uploaded within the last month. I have had ZERO problems with my Kindle Fire 7′ version. And there seems to be no limit on the number of categories you create.

Collections for Kindle Fire (7″ Fire Version)

Collections for Kindle Fire HD

Collections for the Kindle Fire 8.9″ Tablet

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  1. Anne says

    The app your link goes to does not look like the pictures you show. Stupidly, I trusted your review, and bought it. Glad it was cheap, as it’s useless.

    • says

      Sorry you were unhappy with your app purchase Anne. When we posted about this app the pictures in our post were current. However, the app developers may have changed things up on us with their app. If it does not work the way it should you may want to contact the app developers and let them know.

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