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Finish Power & Free Sample

Finish Power & Free SampleGet a free sample of Finish Power & Free by simply filling out the form when you click here.

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About Finish Power & Free:

With less harsh chemicals going into your wash, nothing is left behind on your family’s dishes but the shine you love.

  • Fights chemical residue 2x better than detergent alone†
  • Detergents feature a Hydrogen Peroxide action that powers away tough messes
  • Detergents contain no chlorine and use less fragrances and dyes*
  • Jet-Dry® contains less harsh chemicals vs. the regular formula

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Go to if you’re a teacher. If you’re not, send your teacher friends!

Get a 2-pack of Elmer’s glue sticks when you post a list, and by referring your other teacher friends, you’ll earn free supplies for yourself and your teacher friends. Note: I don’t think this will work for home schoolers, as the supplies will be shipped to the participating teachers in care of their schools.

Teachers, get started HERE!

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Finish is giving away Quantum samples to the first 1 million! They just started and the page is experiencing heavy traffic. If you can get it to load right now, try again in a couple hours.

Head over to HERE and like the page so you can get your sample!

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