Cranberry Orange Granola Recipe

Orange Cranberry Granola

No need to buy expensive store bought granola that is often filled with artificial colors, flavors and high-fructose corn syrup when you can easily make your own at home at a fraction of the cost! This recipe for Orange Cranberry Granola is so easy to whip up a batch and tastes so good for breakfast with a little milk or yogurt. Or package it up for gift giving! Continue reading

25 Awesome Sweet Potato Recipes

25 Awesome Sweet Potato Recipes {via} - This amazing collection of recipes has the best recipes for main dishes, side dishes, desserts, snacks and more!

25 Awesome Sweet Potato Recipes I don’t know why but whenever I think of sweet potatoes I always think of that traditional Thanksgiving side dish that my mom makes. Chunks of sweet potatoes, in a sweet brown sugar syrup and … Continue reading

Freezer Meal: Chili For 30

Freezer Meal Chili For 30 | via

Freezer Meal: Chili For 30 This recipe comes straight out of our family cookbook passed on to us by my husbands grandparents. The only difference I made to this family recipe was cut it half as the original recipe was … Continue reading

Freezer Meal: Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole

Freezer Meal Chicken & Wild Rice Casserole

[note note_color=”#dae5f1″]It’s Freezer Meal Friday, where we bring you a new and exciting dish to help you save both money & time feeding your family. Click on over here to find even more exciting Freezer Meals![/note] [pullquote align=”right”]More Freezer Meals!  … Continue reading